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Please do NOT put your garbage other than the garbage collection day!!
Please use the garbage bag which Kyoto city government appointed properly . And please drain water off properly.



If you want to put your garbage as resource garbage, please do NOT mix "Plastic containers and wrappings" and "Cans, glass bottles, PET bottles(plastic bottles)". If we mistake the way to separate the resource garbage, the city government don't pick it up. Therefore we repacked it to the yellow bag for the burnable garbage which Kyoto city government appointed. If you can't separate the garbage exactly, please use the yellow bag for the burnable garbage.

We can recycle newspaper and the big corrugated cardboards. But we can't recycle small paper. Therefore please put the small paper into yellow bag as "burnable garbage" which Kyoto city appointed .


Please put your garbage into the trash box on a designated day according to the categories of the garbage.

  • 月の朝(Monday morning):「プラスチック容器・ラッピング」(Plastic containers and Wrappings)
  • 火の朝(Tuesday morning):「燃えるゴミゴミ・リサイクルしないゴミ」(Burnable garbage and non-recycle garbage)
  • 火の夜+水の朝(Tuesday night and Wednesday morning):「缶・びん・ペットボトル」(Cans, Glass bottles, PET bottles(plastic bottles))
  • 木(Thursday):ゴミ収集はありません(There are no garbage pickup)
  • 金の朝(Friday morning):「燃えるゴミゴミ・リサイクルしないゴミ」(Burnable garbage and non-recycle garbage)
  • 土日(Saturday and Sunday):ゴミ収集はありません(There are no garbage pickup)


    We don't have other space to keep your garbage until the day when city government collect your garbage. If your garbage will be here, the smell of your garbage may spread through the whole building.

    Pet bottes and plastic containers can't be mixed. And you have to clean up them if you want to recycle.
    If you can't, please put all garbage into the yellow bag for "Burnable garbage" which designated by Kyoto city.

    [ゴミ出しについてのお願い/Atteention for the getting out your garbage]

    [郵便物の受け取り方 / How to get your mail surely]

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