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Pet bottes and plastic containers can't be mixed. And you have to clean up them if you want to recycle.
If you can't, please put all garbage into the yellow bag for "Burnable garbage" which designated by Kyoto city.

[ゴミ出しについてのお願い/Atteention for the getting out your garbage]

結露について / About dew condensation



2) 料理をする時やシャワーを使う時など、湿気を生じる時は、換気扇を使って下さい。

When there is difference of temperature of the heat and cold, the dew condensation occurs to the window of the aluminum frame. Although it is usual thing, if dew condensation occurs heaveily, mold may grow when we do not perform the following thing.(You don't have to worry about mold excessively if you don't mind. If you wash the curtains with chlorine-based detergent, it will become clean.)

1) Please wipe off the dew condensation with a dustcloth. Then it prevents curtain and floor from getting wet.
(The window may be broken when you put a dew condensation prevention seat or a dew condensation adsorption seat on the window. And also the window may be broken when you warm the window. Therefore please don't put anything on the window. And please don't heat the window.)

2) Please use the ventilation fan, when you cook, when you shower, or when you produce moisture.
(When you use the ventilation fan, please open a window or a door. Otherwise the performance of ventilation fan is not well.)

[郵便物の受け取り方 / How to get your mail surely]

Restaurants guide around AbcdeFlat Kitayama
I updated a restaurant guide. I pick up inexpensive restaurants.

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