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You can book our apartments and houses by KaguAruoo.
There are some photos about our apartments and houses. You can make a reservation very easily. You can use credit cards.


If you want to book our apartments and houses directly, please contact us by Facebook page or the bellow email form.

[Usasan's profile page in Airbnb]

You could make a reservation by airbnb. However, you can only see the reviews about my apartments and houses in Airbnb now.
Usually the stays more than 1 month are recognized to be a normal house lease in Japanese law.
But the guests who come from airbnb are recognized to be the guests of the inn. My apartment is not inn.
I decided that I am not going to get licences of inn and that I continue the rental furnished apartment as a normal lease house.

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Restaurants and Wagashi shop around AbcdeFlat
[Misonobashi and Kamigamo-shrine area](Kitayama)
[ShinOmiya shopping street and Daitokuji-temple area](Shichiku)

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